What is Mobile Billboard Advertising?

19 October 2022

What Is Billboard Advertising?

Billboards are best described as large posters that are utilised to advertise to market a company, brand, product, service, event, or campaign. Billboards aim to attract attention and show a message to drivers and pedestrians who pass by.

Billboard advertising uses a large print that is primarily centralised around the clients visible message. This message needs to be read and understood within seconds, it is stated that billboard advertisers have a vechile passengers attention for about six seconds! Thus, advertisers often include images that elicit emotions, by adding an emotion the viewers will be more likely to recall the advertisement due to an emotional response. Colour and recognisable logos are other features that viewers recollect and keep in their memory. 

Outdoor Advertising Magazine said that mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate, and 96% of survey respondents thought mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.  

What Are The Benefits Of Billboard Advertising?

  • You cannot avoid mobile billboards, no one can avoid a giant canvas on the side of a road with vibrant colours and a message. 
  • Mobile billboards have captive audience.
  • Mobile billboards usually appear in high traffic areas. This includes cities, along busy highways, on buses, near airports, near arenas, or on building walls. The aim of billboard advertising is to get viewed by large numbers of riders, drivers, or walkers to increase interest and awareness within the viewer. 
  • Mobile billboards are not limited to only advertising products or services, they can be used for event advertisement too. 
  • Mobile billboards can be creative as they’re a newer form of advertising, companies have more freedom to be creative with their advertisements. 
  • Research shows that we are exposed to as many as four thousand ads each day. This high statistic shows the effectiveness that mobile billboard advertising holds, the right message and location can go a long way regarding great response. By advertising with mobile billboards, you can make sure that your target audience gets your message. 
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