Radio Advertising v's Outdoor Advertising

26 November 2020
  • Billboard Costs

The cost for a billboard ranges from $1,000/$1,500 per ad in less populated areas to $20,000 per ad during a four week period in larger cities and along heavily traveled locations, where digital billboards range from $3,000/$15,000 for each eight second ad appearance during your four week campaign, cost varies depending on your market.

  • Billboard Format

Static messages on billboards consist of just a few words and a large image, to draw attention of the traffic driving past. Digital messages appear once every minute, 

  • Radio Advertising

Mediaworks radio has the highest network of listeners in New Zealand with multiple platforms to listen on.

  1. Radio delivers results for your brand 
  2. Radio creates conversation within the workforce
  3. listeners spend more time with radio then any other advertising platform 
  • Radio Advertising Costs

On average, you should expect to pay about $20 to reach 1,000 listeners during peak times of the day and closer to $10 to $15 for off-peak hours.

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